July 22, 2014

Bible stories teach us life lessons on various subjects…sometimes they recount the way God took care of his people, other times they tell how God’s people progressed through history, and still other times the stories of our faith teach us not to follow the same pattern that our Christian ancestors often did. 

Often those before us rebelled against God until such time that God either raised up or called on one to lead the people back to faith.  People responded…for a while, and then wandered back off in the wilderness again at some later time.  God in his mercy and grace repeated his action to bring the people back in line again.  This happened not just once, but over and over again.

Each time God tapped one on the shoulder as their time to lead there was usually a reluctance, there was some way that the one chosen rejected the offer claiming not to be qualified.  What each in turn finally realized was that indeed they were not qualified, God would be with them and give them what they lacked.  God just wanted his choices to be willing.

Something to think about…





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