July 24, 2014

I read somewhere this week (can’t remember where) that:

“If the you of five years ago wouldn’t think the you of today was a heretic, you probably haven’t grown much.”

I’m not sure I totally agree with that statement but it fits in with the idea of gaining the mind of Christ and growing deeper in knowledge and understanding of Jesus. 

What that quote is referring to in particular is love, I think.  Our understanding of love ought to show us new things as we study and learn…Jesus was called a heretic because he associated with “Tax collectors and other sinners.”
So the quote is really asking:

“Would the me of years gone by have loved as deeply as I love today?”

For me the answer is no.  It took years for God’s love to soften me to the point where I have felt like clay in the potters hand.  Unfortunately, the potter often has to wad the ball up again and start over saying, “It’s not quite right yet.”
In other words, I would like to say, “I have arrived!  I got it!  I can’t love any better!”
But while the me of today realizes how much I have grown…there is so much I still don’t understand.

My prayer is this: “Jesus, help us to love like you love.  Help us to put out of our mind the limits we have set through a failure to understand you.  Allow us to dance around the edge of our thinking, and influence the darkness with Peace, Joy, and Light.”







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