July 29, 2014

My mind has been all over the place so far this week.  The result?  I’ve got a lot of work to do before Sunday.  That means that no, I have no real aim for Sunday’s sermon.  I wish I was like those folks who plan sermons months in advance.  Instead I’m thinking from Sunday to Sunday.  I do keep a watchful eye on the lectionary readings but mostly I stay topical.

What I read (Books as well as Scripture) affects me, what I do and who I encounter affects me.  What I hear affects me.  And all of that gets released on Sunday mornings hopefully in some kind of coherent order. 

My creative side is speaking to me this evening so I’ll spend some time thinking about how that might speak to the week…but for now as I sit here in the quiet listening to the dog snore, I guess I’ll just go eat a bowl of chocolate ice cream and see what happens.



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