August 6, 2014

I’m thinking about how we become the people we are.  I’m thinking that we need practice.  I mean, we don’t just become equipped to face our challenges by just one day getting up and thinking how we’re going to go out and overcome today.

We look at people we know who are good at things, people who seem to take life in stride and we want to be like them.  And sometimes we step out to do just that, take life in stride…and we fall flat on our face.


The answer is simple really. 

We haven’t been practicing.

In order to accomplish great things we have to practice.  Even if we expect to accomplish seemingly small things…we have to practice.  So, when, where, and how do we practice?


We practice alone in the mental and/or physical solitude.  We become who we want to be through striving to be alone what we want to be in public.  When we spend our time practicing the character traits, practicing living up to our own expectations, practicing forgiveness, practicing humility, practicing integrity, practicing faith and honesty, love and peace…when we spend our private time practicing those things, our public life cannot help but reflect the same. 

That is how we change if we need to, and we change without having to think about it.  Whether we realize it or not our public life reveals our private life and the opposite is equally true.

If we want to accomplish great spiritual things, we practice them in private first.

Just something to think about…



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