September 18, 2014

Our weakness may very well be the avenue that God chooses to work through us, and that is a scary thought sometimes. 

What if our weakness is the inability to speak in front of people?
…a physical handicap, or a mental handicap?
…we think we’re too young…or we think we’re too old.
…our education or our place in society?
…our financial struggles or our financial plenty?
What if our weakness is our family, “With my family name nobody will listen to me…”

But to all of those and plenty more excuses, what if our weakness is in our mind?  What if our perceived inability is a product of our thinking…Sometimes we say, “I can’t,” because we just cannot imagine us as one with the wisdom and courage to do certain things. 

Sometimes we say, “I can’t” hiding behind physical limitations.  But God’s view of that and our view are usually two different things.

While it’s true that all of us are not gifted in the same areas it is also true that in a lot of cases – mine too – we say we cannot because we just don’t think we can.

It is here – where we don’t think we can – that God very often likes to work through us…precisely because we don’t think we can.

It is through those of us who have witnessed God’s ability, to help others see God’s possibility in their lives.




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