September 22, 2014

I was reading through some definitions of the word ‘Influence’ this morning.  And then I thought about Jesus’ teaching about influence and how we are to affect the world around us as being salt and light, as being the substances that influence our surroundings.

And I was struck with the responsibility it is to influence in a manner that represents Jesus.

Be careful that our influence is Godly influence…not merely an attempt to make others follow our very often eye squinting point of view. 

In our week this week…think about how we are influencing those around us.  Go to Webster and look up definitions of the word ‘Influence’.  When it comes to our God given demands at influence, don’t let the dictionary be our main instructions.

We are much better served to influence by actions than words.  When we use words we usually use them for our own purposes and agendas…our actions always show what is in our heart.




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