October 31, 2014

My Sweetie and I redo old furniture.  What we especially enjoy is taking things that are worn, broken, or otherwise not of any use and doing the necessary repairs that put them back in service again.  Tables, chairs, dressers, desks…we look at what can be and enjoy the transformation that restores life and makes those things usable again.

I suppose I like that analogy because I believe that’s the way God sees me and others.  God looks at us in all of our brokenness, or all our un-usefulness, and sees what can be.  And I believe that God enjoys the transformation that restores us and makes us usable again.  Sometimes it’s a complete makeover while other times it is a reminder that we might be putting too much emphasis on our own ways and we need to refocus on Jesus. 

What I often have to do is ‘reset’ my thinking by looking at the life of Jesus and how his humility, grace, and love  overpowered everything he encountered up to and including his death.  When I ‘reset’ that way I bring my default settings back to Jesus…and become useful again for the kingdom.

Just some thoughts of mine this morning…




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