November 13, 2014

Road trip antique picking vacation underway. 

Left home Sunday evening, arrived in Cincinnati about 11:30.  Left Cincinnati Monday morning, arrived in Van Wert Ohio three hours later…did some visiting until this morning and then made our way across the state to Wooster Ohio and then headed South on interstate 77.  Got off the beaten path in Amish Country, saw some interesting sights and did some picking at various antique places (Got a few bargains).  Got back on interstate 77 and headed on South to Marietta Ohio just about a mile from the West Virginia line.  Put up for the night here.  Will head on into West Virginia tomorrow and go through the country East for a while.  Got to be a few places to find some treasures.

Snowed a bit on us throughout the day…


Thursday raod trip 003

Felt right at home at Apple Creek United Methodist Church.  Our connectional system brings something familiar far away from home. 

The town of Apple Creek was a neat place…I got a bargain on a couple of things in this place.


Amish Country…

Thursday raod trip 007

Thursday raod trip 009

Thursday raod trip 013

You don’t see this much anymore…


Seven ladders at an old guys place we found in Sugar Creek Ohio…Not a great deal, just a good deal…


A good day in all.  Hope to fill the van with treasure by the time we get home next week.  More pics tomorrow.




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