December 9, 2014

Just a few pictures from the last week or so…

farm and stuff 2014 003

If you’re ever driving close to a railroad and see these little square signs that have a W on them and wondered what they were…

farm and stuff 2014 005

They are called ‘Whistle Posts’.  Whistle Posts alert the engineer of the train that there is a crossing up ahead so  begin to blow the horn, or the whistle as it used to be called until the train reaches the crossing.  And I think the correct whistle pattern is two long whistles, one short whistle, and another long whistle.  Two longs, a short, and a long.  (Just an interesting fact)

farm and stuff 2014 016

farm and stuff 2014 018

A rewiring project.  I bought this old table lamp somewhere in North Carolina, it turned out to be a pretty nice piece (It’s for sale at Unique Boutique in Tullahoma).

farm and stuff 2014 014

I just like shadows…

farm and stuff 2014 047

Most of our family get-togethers include music.  Malinda and Adam brought Gary -a banjo picking friend – this Thanksgiving and the music was original (all three are songwriters) and good.

farm and stuff 2014 069

Evening sun trying to peek through the clouds…pretty.


I’ll be out of pocket through the weekend beginning this Thursday.  My Sweetie and I are flying out to OK City to perform a wedding.  Ought to be neat as the wedding will take place in an old railroad station.  Hopefully some good pics from that day.

Maintain the attitude of Love, Peace, Joy, and Hope during this season of Advent, and allow the little one of the manger to influence your thinking.



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