Wedding 12.13.14

The wedding at the depot in Norman Ok is over…and it was a fun one.

I mentioned earlier today that a train was scheduled between 5 and 6, and the wedding was at 5:30.  Just a little before six, right after I pronounced man and wife…the train made it.  I had to wait a bit to give a blessing and introduction of bride and groom.  Loud horn, rumbling ground…everybody was expecting it and the place erupted in cheers.  A memory made. 

train dec 13, 2014 001

train dec 13, 2014 006

train dec 13, 2014 008

train dec 13, 2014 009

train dec 13, 2014 012

train dec 13, 2014 013

train dec 13, 2014 015

train dec 13, 2014 014

Looks like it was sitting still but actually going about 50 MPH…

Meanwhile inside…


wedding dec 13, 2014 054

wedding dec 13, 2014 075

It was a fun wedding…we even had a bagpiper…

wedding dec 14, 2015 Debs camera 153

wedding dec 14, 2015 Debs camera 125

Father and mother of the groom, our Mac and Jo McLean.

We head home tomorrow morning…and to all a good night.





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