December 25, 2014

I noticed some people out today just doing normal sort of things, things that people do almost everyday.  The neighbor mowed his yard today…really.  During the Spring, Summer, and fall he mows what seems to be about 2 or 3 times a week.  Today was the first time I’ve seen him mowing in the winter.  I’m not sure what he was mowing but none the less, mowing he was.

I also noticed the guy that walks his dog every day.  Rain, shine, cold or hot, this guy walks his dog every day.  He’s already worn out one dog and now he’s on another one.

So I wondered how many people were today as people on that first Christmas.  How many people were doing the same things they did any other day looking for no different results? 

just another day 2

I don’t know the particular faith of the guy mowing the yard or the other guy walking the dog, I’m not saying that Christmas was just another day to them.  What I am saying is that to some Christmas doesn’t evoke any particular emotion, they are not much different from the folks in Bethlehem, Rome, or Ethiopia at the birth of Jesus.

But many of us believe that what happened in Bethlehem makes today a bit different from the day before.  And whether we go through our same routine or not, we do what we do taking a little bit of time to pause and reflect.

Whether we mow the yard, walk our dog, get together with our families, whatever we do…the knowledge of Jesus’ birth makes this day something a little bit special. 

So is today just another day?  In a sense I suppose so, but it’s also a special day, a day to remember and a day to reflect.  Remember how Jesus’ coming even affected the lives of people who were unaware of his birth…and reflect on how our own lives have changed since we made that recognition.

Peace and Hope






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