January 2, 2014

This Sunday is the last message about Christmas – the Magi searching for the King.  Actually they were searching for light, the object of light, the source of light. 

There is so much teaching in the New Testament about light, Jesus taught about it, Paul taught about it…and they taught as though the light should be very obvious in dark places.

My daughter gave me a book once entitled The Flower Man. by Mark Lundy ,

Buy the book it’s good. 

It’s about a little old man and everywhere he went light followed him around, and eventually his light influenced everyone around him to themselves have light.  There are few words in the book it’s mostly pictures.  But the way the book presents light reminds me of Jesus’ teaching.

The little old man shows up in a dark neighborhood…





And began to go about his days…


Everything around him began to get brighter and brighter…


Until his presence and the way he cared about people lit up everything around him.

But then once all was bright…he moved on to another neighborhood.


Jesus taught us to be light and influence the darkness.  How might we go about that in the coming year?  What opportunities do we have?  What opportunities can we create?

Peace and light



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