February 25, 2015

It seems as though challenges are a part of life, especially when we’re trying to do right and abide by our spiritual calling.  It especially seems to be that the harder we try to follow that calling the more issues or challenges confront us.

Not only is it true that life challenges us but for the people called Christian even Jesus challenges us.  Whenever Jesus was asked a question it was his custom to answer that question with another question or an answer that seemed a bit obscure and sent the one asking away to find the answer.

In our day the same seems to be true.  Whenever we petition Jesus for something, what normally happens is that we find the answers after searching our hearts in silence or after looking for Jesus in the sometimes frustration in our life. 

Too many folks want answers without the effort it takes to find them…folks fail to understand that Jesus rarely gave – or gives – a straight answer to questions.  Rather, Jesus usually says something like, “Go find out what this means…”  We get that when we’re trying to understand him better…we miss it when we use Jesus as a way to get what we want.



2 thoughts on “February 25, 2015

  1. Brother Jim, this is so true. We may pray for help or ask questions and end up with more questions than we originally started with. The one thing that has occurred to me more than once is the answers to many of these questions comes to me straight out of the blue, when I was least thinking about the question…

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