March 5, 2015

What is the main thing that stops us from understanding love?

If it is true that when we begin to really understand love, love begins to show in our actions…how do our actions show we understand love?  (And I’m including our conversation and words in the definition of action)

From my experience, whenever love stars to become apparent in our life something tells us that “We got it!  Now get on with life.”

But defining love – the challenge to love – as an endpoint is futile.  The challenge to love will be a challenge from the time we do it once until we do it 9,000 times.  Fresh distractions will pop up telling us that love has limits.  It won’t tell us love has limits in those words, distractions will tell us love has limits by challenging us with new opportunities to make divisions and separate us.

Always  be ware and skeptical whenever we’re challenged to choose between “Us and Them.”

Just some more thoughts on an ice covered day…

Peace and community



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