May 6, 2015

One thing knowing Jesus through experience teaches us is that it’s always best to think for ourselves.  Imagine the thoughts that come to mind after we’ve experienced a prayer answered or seen a life changed, or felt God’s awesome presence.  Thinking about how and where God might show his presence in other things come roaring to mind.  Experiencing Jesus gives us what we need to think, and our thinking is as good as anybody else’s.  Thinking for ourselves always seems best to me, and experience once again seems to be the best teacher.

The problem with letting someone else think for us, that is listening to the opinions of others and taking those opinions as our own, the problem with that is those opinions are either twice or more removed from their original thinker or the result of another’s agenda, or maybe just not the way we understand life, the Christian life, or the way we believe or understand God’s interaction in the world.  The same is true in politics and raising our kids, and dealing with our parents, spending our money, where we invest our time and energy, how we view a sunrise, which coffee we like…you get the picture. 

Somewhere along the line somebody injected into our culture that to be right is most important, and people very often forfeit their opportunities of experience – even their opportunities to experience Jesus – for the chance to be right…right according to who is most convincing.

And through all of that having to be right, if we stop and think…we find that having to be right creates distractions that take our eyes off the center theme of the Gospel…God among us.  If we are insistent on having to be right we may well miss an ever creating, new and fresh God…and if we miss that we also miss the joy and the freedom – the Good News if you will – of experiencing Jesus in the midst of our sometimes not so joyful living conditions…

Just thinking this morning…




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