October 1, 2015

Yesterday I listed a bunch of words, all of which are a part of the definition of the word Integrity.  And all of those words are important, even necessary to describe that person who has integrity.

But integrity goes on beyond the words we use to describe it.  Integrity also means that we were built to last, that we have what it takes, as the Timex commercial used to say, to take a licking and keep on ticking.

Integrity is being wounded and still maintaining what the good words say about us.  It is being slandered and not bowing to the pressure to retaliate, it’s being injured in the soul and not blasting out who is at fault, it’s losing and not looking for excuses, it’s winning and not pouring insult to injury on the defeated. 

Integrity is proving what the words say about us with our actions and our attitudes…

Integrity is living our life in such a way that come what may we hold on to the positive traits that we have vowed to uphold. 

The people we have admired the most in days gone by were those people who stood for what is right and what is good and nothing could sway them, nothing could make them turn away from their belief in good.   They are patterns for integrity.

For those called Christian, integrity is built through relationship with God and the knowledge that God gives us what we need.  We don’t have to blunder through life on our own, we have a guide.  We have One who shows us what good is, what right is, what honesty is, and communicates to us the way to maintain those good truths even in the face of opposition.  Eyes on God, expressed through Jesus, and communicated through the Holy Spirit points us to look away from ourselves and toward what God communicates to us.




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