October 7, 2015

I’m thinking foundations this week.

What happens when we build a house on a good, strong, foundation?  It lasts.  But if we skimp on the depth of the foundation…not so much.  The material the foundation is made of is also important.  If we dig a deep foundation and lay down some logs instead of rock or concrete we can expect some problems to show up in the work in progress.  With that in mind:

Education requires a firm foundation. 

Music requires a firm foundation.

Relationships require a firm foundation.

Life requires a firm foundation.

Life following Jesus requires a firm foundation.

Be an inspector this week.  Take a look at the foundation of what we know and understand about God. 

That does not mean think about how many Bible verses we can recite from memory.

Rather, does our foundation allow us to see the love, beauty, and majesty of God expressed through the person of Jesus?

Just some thoughts…





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