October 21, 2015

Sometimes waiting is more exciting than the realization of that thing, place,person, occasion, dream…

Maybe it’s because we spend so much time in anticipation that when we finally get  what we wanted it’s almost as if there is nothing new to discover…we’ve already read about it, studied about it, dreamed about it…and when the occasion happens it’s sometimes a let down because we’ve built it up so much that the reality hardly lives up to our minds vision. 

But God very often fulfills our dreams and wishes through ways that confuse us, ways that take our experience with our anticipation and come at it through ways we never thought about.

We very often anticipate fulfilling our dreams through our abilities, education, through our strong suit, the things we’re good at.  And we sometimes miss God working through us because God usually seems to choose to work through the areas of our life that lack our knowledge or abilities.  We may have dreamed of being the victor through our strength…but instead God chose to move through our weakness.

And if we’re not careful we’ll miss that, and continue on dreaming of being the one on the big white horse rescuing the figurative damsel in distress…while the real dream goes unfulfilled…because we didn’t expect God to move beyond our abilities…and we failed to understand that God very often chooses those with no ability through which to work, because when that happens, when those with no ability are inspired by God to do great things, it is evident that God moved…otherwise the hero of the story begins to think that they had what it took when in reality apart from God they did not.

Be attentive to our dreams, but be on the lookout for God to appear disguised as something we had not thought of, pay attention to the details looking for light…God may be in the light even if it’s just a faint glimmer.




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