November 1, 2015

The only way we can come to understand our place in the kingdom is through feeling the urge, the tug, the calling, for lack of a better word…and the only way we can come to understand that calling is through focused attention to God. And usually then, that calling isn’t always as clear as we would like for it to be.

Some of us are like me. God says, “Do something,”

And I say, “O.K. like what?”

And I didn’t hear God say anything back. I pray about it, fuss about it, lose sleep over it…and still no word from God. And I look around, and I still don’t see anything, tell a few people hoping that somebody else might see the plan…but nothing they come up with satisfies…and we continue to wait…and if we don’t move closer to God for the purpose of learning his mind while we wait, we may wait a lifetime being one of those folks we talked about last week dreaming of what could have been

Moving closer to God is spending time with him.
Prayer time which involves listening time.
Studying more about him through both the Old and New Testaments, how God acted and moved in the past as well as how through Jesus God moved and acted in those days.
(There are many ways to move closer to God there is not an exhaustive list)

And once we begin to get a little closer we begin to see through eyes we had not seen through before…and we pick back up on that conversation when God said to move…and we said, how? And we begin to see how God is attempting to reveal himself through us…and the conversation continues on a deeper level…

Think about where our conversation left off when we last tried to figure out what God was calling us to…move closer to God and see if that conversation comes back up again.




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