November 6, 2015

Wow!  It has been a rough week.  Since last Sunday I have been in constant pain across shoulders and neck – never let up just varying degrees of hurt from almost unbearable to hurts bad. 

Since I have a lot of trouble with my shoulders and neck anyway I put off doing anything about it thinking the pain would go away at any minute…but after five days of not getting better I decided to go check it out.

Long story short I made it the bone and joint clinic and a neurosurgeon who, after the proper tests, determined what I already thought…a pinched nerve in the area of cervical disc 5 and 6.  Not herniated – since from previous surgery there is nothing to herniate – but a narrowing between vertebrae…I suppose something that just happens as the years go by. 

The good news though was that the X-Ray technician asked me if I went to a Chiropractor.  I thought that was an interesting question, but when I saw the X-Ray the spine in the cervical area was straight as a stick, nothing crocked or out of whack looking, just narrowing in the area of five and six.  Kudos to  my Chiropractor.


Option one is begin with high dose steroids – a shot with a needle I’m sure as big around as a pencil – and then 12 days of pills.  That means staying awake until you drop and eating everything in the house.

Option two if steroids don’t work.  Spinal injections in the neck.  I’ll skip that if anyway possible since needles are my greatest nemesis.  I’d rather walk on glass and fire barefooted chewing on dynamite than face that.

Option three if the above don’t work.  Surgery.  I’ve done that twice previously and while I don’t like that option…one cannot endure the pain I’ve had this week very long.

So far since yesterday evening the pain has subsided quite a bit.  The constant pain is waning and the worst thing is lying down.  The pain now is largely brought on by moving my head or surprise moves I didn’t see coming and not having the time to brace myself.  That is major victory in my opinion.

So I’ll continue with my Chiropractor – Neurosurgeon even said that was a good idea since my Chiropractor is a network Chiropractor who works with finger tips and pressure points – and since the X-Ray tech noticed a good looking spine on an old guy that pretty much speaks for itself.

Maybe now that the pain has subsided some I can get back to writing…




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