November 9, 2015

I’m thinking about life together.  In particular life together with God. 

When I think about life together I think about sharing thoughts, experiences, conversations, I think about friendship and how friendships take into account all of our attitudes, all of ways of being that define who we are. 

A friendship is as deep as we choose to make it.  By that I mean we can have friendships that are casual acquaintances, friendship we choose to keep at arms length for whatever reason. 

There are friendships that are merely contacts, friends we call on every now and then, often professional friendships. 

There are friendships that are personal, those people we turn to when we need to talk.  Usually these people have been with us through the difficult times, they have put up with us and us with them, they are the ones who know us and in spite of that choose to remain close to us.

I suppose there are reasons for any of these types of relationships, everybody just can’t have a deep connection with everybody – Jesus didn’t even do that…

But in any of these (and other) friendships, Life together is the part that defines the friendship.  There must be the together part.

Just some thoughts toward Sunday.




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