November 20, 2015

In the Christian calendar, Ordinary time – that long stretch of summer between Pentecost and Advent – is about over.  The transition between those two seasons happens this Sunday with Christ the King Sunday.

Christ the King Sunday, for me, brings to a close the season of reflection on what it means to live the Christian life and begins the preparation or the focus toward the celebration of Jesus’ birth.

That said, most of the time it seems that we look through Advent, or past it, or around it…and put our attention on Christmas.  We get so involved in wanting to celebrate Jesus’ birth with all of the festivities that surround the event that we fail to prepare our hearts and minds with a season of Advent, preparation, anticipation…that doesn’t mean we’re bad people, it simply means that when we fail to think Advent, we don’t quite get the benefit out of the season that is there for the taking.

And that prompts me to say:

“Christmas is much more than we usually make of it, and much less of what we often think.”

Ponder what that means in each of our lives.




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