November 28, 2015

I posted last about humility at Christmas…Not much can be as humbling as forgiveness.

We often think of forgiveness as forgiving people who hurt our feelings, or people who did some things that we thought was not right…But Jesus took thinking about forgiveness to an all new level. Jesus went counter to the popular thought of his day when he said not just to forgive people from what some could call petty grievances…but Jesus even said to forgive and love your enemies.

What Moses taught was an eye for an eye, tooth for tooth, retribution at its finest…but Jesus countered that thought with, “Turn instead the other cheek, go the second mile, love your enemies, forgive as you have been forgiven…”

That tells me that when we think of forgiveness if we don’t think any farther than forgiving hurt feelings, or forgiving an injustice that’s been done to us or against us, then our view of forgiveness is incomplete…In other words, if a minor infraction – on the larger scale of things – if a minor infraction is as far as our thinking goes about forgiveness…we’ve only a limited view of forgiveness, just a peek into a much larger picture.

Forgiveness, it seems then, has to come from the top down, from the most heinous crime to the most trifling incident if we are to ever correctly understand that forgiveness is not about me, but forgiveness is opening the channel for God’s love to become completely involved in the lives of all concerned.

In other words think of forgiveness as a channel of God’s love, and it takes on an all new meaning.




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