January 14, 2016

Well this will be our last day of warm weather (71 on Florida’s East coast).  We stopped at many of the beaches along highway A1A.


In St. Augustine Florida this evening, walked around the old town before crashing for the night.

We are having a good time just ambling along but we also have heavy hearts.  A good friend lost his father yesterday and our hearts go out to him, and his family in their grief.  Our prayers are for comfort, peace, and calm spirits to all concerned.

We also received news that one of our United Methodist Bishops died today.  Bishop William Wesley Morris was a man who followed Jesus as well as any I know.  He preached our revival this past year and was a friend to many of our church members.  United Methodism has lost a voice of love in his passing.

But tomorrow is a new day as all of us begin a new chapter in our lives.  Truly the old is gone and the new is before us.  May we all find mercy and grace in the days ahead.  May we all give that same mercy and grace to those we encounter.

A couple of pics from the day…



These little guys were napping…

More later when the internet connection is better.

Peace and Grace



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