March 1, 2016

Some thoughts – bullet point style – going through my mind lately…just some thoughts that don’t really need a quick reaction (um maybe they do) just some pondering.  Reactions will come as we consider where these things are – or are not – a part of our life.  It seems to me that the greats of old let ideas simmer on the mind for awhile before they ever reacted to them. 

Spend more time listening to the still small voice.

Understand that sometimes people will tell you what you want to hear.

Don’t be manipulated by anybody. 

Fear is usually a terrible thing, and people – even groups of people – often use it to get what they want. 

Our knee jerk reactions to various things speak a lot about us. 

Honesty and integrity should define our thoughts and choices.

People should have an air of gentleness.

Appeals to our dark side (sinful nature) often bring out dark actions.  Keep focus on Jesus.

It would do us all some good to listen to Louis Armstrong sing.  It does me good.

Where the mind spends the most time reveals the heart.  The inverse is also true.  Where the heart spends the most time reveals the mind.

Different people will interpret what I just said in different ways.  I suppose that’s OK since I’m asking that you spend some time thinking.  As with anything just don’t get focused on one single reaction because each point can speak in different ways.

Any way…A lot has been on my mind as of late…no wonder I can’t sleep. 

Peace and thoughts.



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