March 21, 2016

British theologian N.T. Wright said once that our responsibility as followers of Christ was to speak Kingdom language.  And he said that the language of the new Kingdom was love.  We are to speak and act kingdom language.

All of our Christian thinking, acting, speaking, all of our Kingdom thoughts and vocabulary come to a head this week as we prepare for Easter morning.  It’s – in my mind anyway – as if all that we have been about for the last year is called to account.

What have we spoken through our words and actions?

Who have we shown or given a glimpse of the new Kingdom?

When did we get it right?

Where have we been obedient, and with what or who would we like to have a do-over?

But we are not called to dwell on the past rather we are charged to go from where we are.  We are charged to learn from our mistakes, take note of our victories, and use all of that to grow stronger in our faith…

Easter is a good opportunity to do just that.

Be reminded this week of Jesus’ last week.  Be reminded of the excitement of Palm Sunday.
Be reminded that there was opposition to good.
Be reminded that there will always be opposition to good.
Be reminded of suffering, also be reminded of victory.

Use what has been offered to us – God with us – to hold off evil, and keep Jesus in such a line of sight ahead of us that anything that comes at us must first come through Jesus.

Just some thoughts toward Easter morning.




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