March 29, 1975

Today is our anniversary.  It’s been 41 years (note the date of post) and time has gone by quickly.  It seems like just a short time ago this picture was taken.

jim and deb1

That was then…below is now.  I just bought Sweetie a new Tilley hat like mine and she took the pic while we were driving today.

me and debr

Started out the day at Marcy Jo’s restaurant, but found out they are now only open on Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays.  So…went to Cracker Barrel in Columbia for breakfast, then headed to Nashville and decided to stop and see daughter number one’s booth at a shop near the fairgrounds.  Spent a little time with her and granddaughter Anna.

We left there and headed to Cumberland Transit, a shop in Nashville that sells outdoor gear of all sorts.  Bought the Tilley hat there and a jacket for me.  Struck out from there to the Gulch just to see what’s happening in that up and coming area of Nashville…busy place.

Left there and went to the Marathon building and the American Pickers store.  Neat place to go but if you want to buy anything you better take out a loan.  Neat stuff but if you’ve ever watched the show on the History channel you know how much to expect to pay if you buy.

Decided to head toward Nolensville – an old town that used to only have a store and a feed mill.  The feed mill is now a restaurant and there are a lot of antique and junk stores there, but there is also a really good restaurant called Nannas that is a great place to eat.  I noticed that both of us ate for under $20.00

Left there and went to a junk store that we stop in from time to time…the store was closed but we looked out back in the bone yard.  Found some interesting things that we wanted so we called the number on the door, sent some pictures, and will go by in the morning, pick up the items and leave a check under the door.

We came back to the house and went for a walk on the place just to be outside for a while.  The city is a good place to visit but I wouldn’t want to live there.



Now it’s time to kick back and chill for awhile…it’s been a good day for an anniversary.




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