April 15, 2016

To understand love at the most basic level seems to require that we participate at that level…and as I said the other day love shown at the most basic level is the place where lives intersect.  We sometimes understand and get that right, but other times we grow hardened to the things around us, we develop layers upon layers that stop the warmth of the heart from getting too close to the skin.

Which leads me to say that we all have layers that we need to continue to peel back. We get calloused by things of the world, attitudes, prejudices, hardened by sin, and grief, frustrations, heartache, hurt feelings, prideful thoughts, we get tough skin because of the way we treat people, and the way we are treated by others…

And unless we take the time to peel back some layers, instead of growing in Christ, we begin to grow in the world…we get street smart and begin to fend for ourselves, look out for ourselves…and when that happens…when we get calloused to those around us, when that happens, the point where love wants to resolve itself, the point where love looks for its lowest common denominator, its most basic level – that being the point where we connect with other people – at that point is where callousness creates barriers that separate. And Christianity is not about separation, Christianity is about coming together.

We continue to peel layers back until the barriers are no more, and we are able to interact in love with those around us.

Change my heart O God, make it ever true, change my heart O God, may I be like you.




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