April 27, 2016

Interruptions are so common that when we plan ministry we should figure in time and effort for interruptions, because in reality interruptions are a big part of mission. 

That said, Interruptions are not always part of the original mission, they most commonly seem to be stops along the way where other soul work gets done.  And many times these works help prepare and set in perspective the original mission.

In the past I have not always been the best at giving time to interruptions.  It seems that everything I do is done in a rush.  Sometimes I might as well have blinders on, like the old days when farmers didn’t want their mules distracted.  I know that I have missed many opportunities on the way to something else.  But I am learning and trying to pay more attention because I believe so strongly that so much mission is done giving attention to interruptions.

Read the Scriptures…much of what Jesus taught was because of him being interrupted by somebody that needed something.  And Jesus gave attention.

Watch for the mission opportunities in interruptions today.  Somebody or some thing will need your attention.




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