May 2, 2016

On the way out of town to see a friend at the hospital I saw these two deer through a break in the trees.  When I zoomed in you can see the nubs on their heads – new antlers for this year.



After two hospital runs we managed to get back in time to do a little project around the shed.  Awhile back we planted asparagus and some garlic.  Today we planted some gourds and mulched between them and the shed to keep the weeds from taking over like they did last year.


So we dug up around behind, and on the other side, planted gourds, and mulched some more.


Daughter number three, AKA Sweetpea, gave us two tomato plants and some flowers…


Might seem like a boring evening, but very relaxing.  The nature channel was playing in the background, turkeys gobbling and lots of birds.


The last couple of days have been heavy…it’s difficult to write when the mind is troubled.  I’ll write more later…




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