May 11, 2016

With graduations at hand and thoughts of all these young adults heading out into the world to further education or move into the work force, I can’t help think of some old values that are still relevant in this day and time.  One thought in particular stands out.

Our name.

More pointed, our family name.

In my day as a young person, the family name said a lot about who a person was.  In fact we were often judged by our last name.  Our parents, our grandparents, their parents… built a name for themselves and that family name was passed down to later generations.  Fairly or unfairly we were judged by our name.

Some of my friends had it easier in life because of the family name, some were even excused for their questionable behavior because of their name…and others of us had to build a name on our own merits.  At the time that didn’t seem fair to me, but when we don’t live where our name is known we seem to be more strictly judged by our actions, the way we live, the company we keep…

Either way, integrity, honesty, and hard work are not passed down through genes, they must be grown and cultivated within each person.





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