May 12, 2016

Another value that will help determine who we are and how our name speaks to who we are is work.  In particular,

Hard work.

I don’t mean hard work necessarily as in breaking rocks with a sledge hammer or digging ditches – although that could be true.

But hard work as in being dedicated to our line of work whatever it is, doing our best to be the best at what we do.  What I have learned throughout life is that being the best at what we do offers opportunity for something better. 

That means that if we’re sweeping floors that we sweep better than anybody else.  If we’re the dishwasher, wash better than anybody else – insert any job here – and work at that job with the best of our ability, and do it without expecting anything but a self-satisfaction for a job well done…do that…and God smiles.

Secondary to earning the smiles of God is that what we do is noticed by others, and our influence becomes a witness that speaks to our namesake, Jesus Christ.






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