June 9, 2016

I am trying to figure out why life is so busy right now.  Both the life of the church and my personal life feel like screaming down the quarter mile drag strip barely edging out the opponent.

The only thing I can really figure out is that I’ve been praying for strength and endurance.  I don’t really think God is challenging me (although God could do that), but rather, I think when we pray for something we become more aware of that thing or place or person or direction.  And our awareness causes us to see and/or experience things we might have missed before.

While it’s true that sometimes lots of things happen at the same time – in my case sick people, surgeries, people’s personal problems, my own personal issues, the life of the church – other things present themselves if we are attentive.

The key seems to me that we are in a position recognizing our closeness to Jesus because God gives us strength to endure the closer we are to him.  God inserts into our lives rest stops along the way that we would not have noticed were it not for that closeness.

My rest stop today as I travel to Murfreesboro for the surgery of one, then to Nashville and the surgery of another, then to Hendersonville helping another…my rest stop is my Sweetie going along with me.

Pay attention to the goings on around us today and watch for those places where God gives us rest within the storm.



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