June 10, 2016

Cuba 1 354

I was sitting and thinking this morning and my screen saver went to pictures so I watched some pictures go by remembering when and where I was when I took them.

This one came up.

It was taken in Havana Cuba a few years ago on a work project.  This wall was full of graffiti but the words: “Love is the only solution,” stood out.

True this.

It seems to me that changed hearts are a reaction to love and a catalyst for further change.  Anything else is a false hope governed by the fear of change and / or loss of control.  Whether it be our family or our nation change facilitates hope.  And we can usually think of a thousand “Yeah buts” in reaction to the previous sentence.

Truth is, change doesn’t have to mean we’re giving up something…it can mean instead that we’ve gained insight.

Just something to think about.




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