June 19, 2016

Sitting home thinking about church.  I’m a lot better but a bit weak from starving the stomach bug.

Being all alone gives one time to think about everything from God and the church to gardens to flowers, the sky…the list goes on.  And yep it’s Fathers Day today so I’ve been thinking about my girls and their families.  I’m proud of those guys and gals, all eighteen of them.  And it feels good to know that I’m thought about all through the year.  It’s never just a Father’s Day thing that they call, or text, or show up on the door step.


I read something Author Brian Zahnd wrote the other day about his time in the mountains and witnessing the beauty of the vastness of the earth.

“On the high tundra beneath the big sky a petty theology of a small and capricious God appears as ludicrous as it is. It’s probably dangerous to do all of our theology in the close quarters of indoors. Theologians need to be outdoorsmen. —Water To Wine, p. 153”

I wish I had penned those words.

I think I’ll go sit in the swing house and think some more.





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