June 26, 2016


Whether or not we believe the miracles of Jesus somewhat depend on our own experiences, that is, how has Jesus been active in our lives?  If we have experienced what we could only describe a miracle in our own lives, Jesus’ miracle of calming the storm in Matthew 8 doesn’t seem quite so far out there.

Think about the times God has stepped in for us when nothing else seemed to make a difference…miracle?  May be.

Doctors can fix a lot of things but a person’s will to do or not to do is largely something that is untreatable.  And often we say that it would take a miracle for this or that person to change their ways.  And then exactly that happens.  People change.  Miracle?  May be.

I had to change gears at a funeral once.  When the service began, a family member continued to wail and sob uncontrollably…I I decided that nothing I could say would calm her so I began to read Scripture.  As I read she began to calm, the more I read the more calm she became until such point that I could finish without interruption.  Miracle?  May be.

The point is, whether or not we believe the miracles of Scripture has a direct bearing on our own life of faith and trust in Jesus.  Experience some action of Jesus in our lives and the calming of the storm seems rather insignificant compared to what Jesus has done for us.

Just some thoughts.

Peace.  Be still.



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