July 4, 2016

The day began on a good note…I was awakened to a granddaughter telling me good morning that she just came to snuggle with me.

Pancakes were about done and breakfast was really good.

Then it happened…

A plugged up toilet.

So for the next few hours son-in-law and I worked trying to unplug it.  Nothing doing.

Sweetie says call a plumber.  I thought about how plumbers make more money than doctors so I went under the house to check the situation out.  No clean out plugs.

Nothing left to do but pull the toilet (It’s one of those kinds that only takes a dab of water to flush and I have always hated it.  I think that is what caused the problem in the first place).

Anyway, we pulled the toilet and carried it outside…never to return inside.  It will be replaced.


We made a trip to Lowes and bought a 40 foot sewer snake.  40 feet later the clog is gone and it only cost me $24.00 and no plumber. 

I did discover however, that to correct the problem for good will require that I take up the floor in the small bathroom, repair the pipe that was never installed correctly when the house was built, and put down new subfloor and whatever floor covering we choose.  Luckily the bathroom is Very small. 

But all of that will come at a later date, for now the hole is plugged and it’s time to spend some time with some of the grandkids and their parents.  A good day all in all.




New bird bath and bird feeder…now to figure out how to keep the raccoons out.


Happy fourth!




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