July 22, 2016

I’ve known a lot of people over time who were examples of humility, their efforts and the good they did was not something they used for conversation material, in fact these folks don’t even like to be the object of conversation.

And…I’ve know a lot of people who jump at the chance to tell you what a good job they did.  Seriously.  I’ve known people who could blow their horn so loud that it was a little bit embarrassing just to be there.

There is an old saying concerning the horn blowers – those who see themselves as a bit important.

“If I bought them for what they were worth, and then sold them for what they thought they were worth…I’d be a rich person.”

Do you know anybody like that?  I do.  And it is difficult not to write them off because these folks are not fun to  be around.  Not only do they tell you about the good they do, or the good they are…but they try to get you to agree with them.

I believe that many  – if not all –  of the people who try to highlight their good are actually very insecure people.  That means that it becomes my job to find ways to connect with them as I see a relationship with Jesus as existing between me, Jesus, and other people, even those I don’t particularly like to be around.

If we really want the kingdom to exist on earth as it is in heaven…then we find ways to reach out to people who are different from us, not to make them like us, but to live among them the love that Jesus put within us.

Just some things running through my mind as I think towards Sunday.





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