July 23, 2016

I was working on the message for this Sunday and I was thinking about how our life in relationship with Jesus includes other people.  It’s a triangle picture if mental pictures help.  Us, Jesus, and other people.  There should be little arrows going in all three directions.  If we take out one aspect of that triangle, it all falls apart. 

That means that if we don’t include other people in our relationship with Jesus, our relationship with Jesus is incomplete. 

So I’m thinking, “What other people?”

And that sends me to Jesus as he taught about all these needy people and how whatever we do for the least of these…we did it to him.

The problem often is that some of these folks aren’t like us and it’s difficult to get to know them much less be in relationship.  That doesn’t mean that we have to take all the folks who are not like us to Sunday dinner each week but it does mean that we rub shoulders with them and offer them the kindness we would like to have extended to us.

The key to remember is that our own relationship with Jesus has to include a wide variety of people…if we want our relationship to be healthy.

Something to think about…



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