July 31, 2016

It’s been a good afternoon at the farm.  It’s been calm, relaxing, and peaceful.  As usual we went for a drive looking for critters; saw ten deer and two bunny rabbits.  Not overly exciting I would say, but I never get tired of watching the deer.


Life can still be simple in the country, I believe I could get by with just venturing into the city on occasion.  There is too much to see, hear, and do in the fields and woods of home.

, DSC_5158

One thing Sweetie and I enjoy about being out of earshot of town is sitting on the porch and watching the sun set and listening for the night critters.  It’s fun to listen just before dark to the birds singing their tunes…but as it gets later, just before dark all becomes quiet.  No birds singing, just quiet.


It’s like all the daytime birds punch the time clock and go home…then after a few minutes the night birds “Clock in”, the night time insects begin to chirp, and the noise changes it’s tune…

And the night time symphony plays on into the night long after I’ve gone to bed.

Speaking of bed…

Good night all




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