August 5, 2016

Oswald Chambers said once, “O the bravery of God in trusting us.”

And when I think about my capacity for failure, that statement really resonates with me.

But when I think about how Jesus asked us to trust him, to have faith in him, to believe in him…I start to think that if I can look ahead (or back) to the point where our trust in God and God’s trust in us intersect…it is at that point where there is absolute success.

If we can see that again, or experience it for the first time, we can see the reality of God giving us what we don’t have, and accomplishing his purpose as we realize that it was not our strength, but our total trust and dependence in Jesus that made a difference. 

In all actuality, Chamber is right…It is God’s bravery of trusting us that makes the difference.




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