August 6, 2016

Sweetie is watching a Hallmark movie…I don’t like Hallmark movies, they’re sappy.  There always seems to be one pretending to be another in some way.  That said, I had an interesting thing happen to me the other day.

I was painting the other day at a mission location that my friend Joe and I have been working on.  We’ve talked to the ladies who work there a few times – getting some directions for what they wanted done.

I got there early that day, just as the ladies were about to leave.  Keep in mind that my name is Jim.

One of the ladies was calling for someone in the other room.  I heard her saying, “Bob!”  Nobody answered.  Again, “Bob!”  No answer”  One more time, “Bob!” 

Bob must not have been there I guess.

And the door opened to the room I was painting, this lady looked right at me and said, “Bob!”  And I said… “What!” 

And she proceeded to tell me something of which I can’t remember at all…What was running through my mind was that I just answered to the name Bob and I didn’t tell her any different.

And I, for the life of me don’t know why.

So maybe Hallmark movies are not all that sappy after all.  Maybe lots of people are not who they really are. 

I’m still scratching my head.


Bob  Jim




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