August 9, 2016

We’ve probably all heard the phrase, “X marks the spot.”

Usually we think of a treasure map and pirates who have hidden there stolen goods on some tropical island somewhere.  If the map falls into the wrong hands they might lose their stolen treasure.

But I’m thinking more about the intersection,the place where the lines cross to make the X.  It’s not the whole X but the tiny dot that is the crossing of the lines.

As I mentioned last week, Oswald Chambers remarked once, “O the bravery of God in trusting us.”

And I said something about the point where our faith and God’s trust intersect being the place of success.

Think about our life.  Think about the places where we can remember our faith and God’s trust coming together.  For starters think about when we first came to believe, think about how we felt when we realized that God was tugging on our heart and we said yes.  That was most likely the first time our faith and God’s trust came together. 

Think about that a day or two…




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