August 15, 2016

I’m thinking about what it might take to once again stir the spirit within us, the same spirit that took us to Jesus in the first place.  I remember that stirring, I remember sitting outside a church window listening to the singing inside and how that singing spoke to my heart.  It was exciting, refreshing, exhilarating all at the same time, and it took me from one frame of mind to another, one feeling to another, from one spiritual place to another…

I remember a time later in life when that spirit stirred again and I began a spiritual growth spurt that took me to a new level, a higher plane if I might use that analogy.

There was another stirring at some place deep within that continued on and developed into a calling into pastoral ministry…but the stirring didn’t calm there, there was still this choppy surface like the water on the lake in the wind…and that calling continued to pull me in.  It seemed that the more I learned the more unsettled I became refusing to allow contentment to stop the stirring of the spirit within.

And yet today I refuse to allow distractions to stop my forward movement calling on the Spirit of God to quiet the soul so that the whisper of God can be heard above the outside noises that threaten to steal my attention.

And I am not unique in that way, thousands of people claim the same thing.

I said all of that to say this.  There is never a time when it’s not profitable to put ourselves in positions for the spirit of God to revive us yet one more time.

Where and how might God be moving in our life?  What might God be reviving within us, and what is the potential of that revival?

Just some thoughts toward Sunday…

Uneasy peace



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