September 5, 2016

I just read a reflection about Mercy.  The text was Matthew 18:23-35 about the king that cancelled the debt of a servant simply because the servant begged him to forgive the debt.  Then that servant went out and found a guy who owed him a small amount of money – a small amount compared to what the first guy had been forgiven.

Anyway the second guy couldn’t pay the debt so the first guy had him thrown in jail until he could repay the debt.  The king heard about it and was furious so he sent for the one he had forgiven earlier and had him thrown in jail because he didn’t show the same mercy he had been shown.

That’s a long story short, Google it for the whole story.

Anyway, the gist of the story is that we are to be people of mercy – even when the world we live in says we have a right NOT to be merciful.  But as J.D. Walt says, “But we aren’t of that world are we?  We are people of the in-breaking Kingdom of God.  We are, above all things, merciful.”

Just some thoughts

Peace and Mercy



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