September 7, 2016

I’m thinking about how what we learn early on in our life with Jesus, I’m thinking about how those things become a foundation for our life. 

I’m also thinking how if we don’t have that foundation we don’t fare so well in the middle part of life, the time in between our conversion experience and our mansion over the hill top.

What happens to a lot of people, I’ve noticed over time, is that they begin building their spiritual life on top of something that is not solid. 

People must have bedrock teaching about love, mercy, and grace or they cannot stand the winds of the louder voices waving the Jesus flag…but there is little hint of Jesus anywhere around.

The basics teach us to look for Jesus, that all we are about should bring glory to God…if our efforts at whatever don’t bring glory to God, if they don’t point to Jesus…we have to ask ourselves whether or not we need to rethink our influence.

That’s not rocket science…it’s basic Christianity 101…the stuff strong foundations are made of.





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