September 8, 2016

What is it about mercy that draws our attention?  Is it because we know we need mercy or is it because we are merciful people…or both?

I kind of think both for most people.  I’m sure there are some, like those in Jesus’ day, who come looking for what they can get…but there are also those, like those in Jesus’ day, who come waning to learn how to give more…

What I notice in myself is that when thoughts of mercy draws me in, I need to pay attention to what Jesus speaks to me because usually what he leads me to believe is that I have not shown mercy like I’ve received mercy.

It seems to me that Jesus rarely pats us on the back…rather…he dusts off the seat of our pants and sends us back out again.  It is to our credit when we notice that is happening, otherwise we sit back and complain that God isn’t meeting our needs.

Just as mercy is undeserved love and acceptance it is also spiritual education.

Just thinking…




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