September 20, 2016

Love seems to be the message that Jesus spent so much time trying to impress on us.

It just seems to me that when you take the entirety of Jesus’ message,
sift it,
boil it down,
strain it,
lay it out and let it dry…
and then look at what’s left from all that…what’s left is how to carry Jesus’ message of love and acceptance to other people so that they in turn can experience Jesus’ love, and the Kingdom can move closer to “as it is in heaven.”

Those who follow Jesus are challenged to help transform the world to reflect the Kingdom that has come near us. Our influence is to help bring about that end.

In other words, our influence on this day, tomorrow and all others is to be aimed at transformation, not self-interest, not pride, not arrogance, not apathy…we aim toward the Good News of Jesus Christ with a vision of the final Kingdom…

Think about how all of the above could – or does – affect our life.  How are we affecting our world to look more like the Kingdom that Jesus said has come near us?




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