October 6, 2016

As I think about the discipline of service, I realize that many of us have thought of service (could also be called mission) as something that we do every now and then, a project maybe…

But I am suggesting that mission should not just be a project.  Yes there are times when planning is necessary, both the planning of time and resources, but those times should be the exception not the rule.

Mission or service – however we want to define our actions among those who need to feel the attention of Jesus – is to be our lifestyle, part of who we are. 

That doesn’t mean that we spend all of our time with blinders on to the reality of our own life…rather…it’s that we are open to the acts of mercy and compassion that present themselves to us as we go about our own life.  It’s called following Jesus…and Jesus redefined service.  He took it from a casual, optional, nice thing to do, and made it a lifestyle.


Just some thoughts…




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