October 14, 2016

Time after time this week I have been pinched by Jesus for allowing distractions to control parts of my days.  About the time I think I’ve got my thoughts under control and all channeled toward the kingdom, some part of the Scripture I’m reading pulls my mind out of the gutter and lets me know how easy it is to drift out of Kingdom consciousness.

We are continually in need of divine intervention in our thinking, in our speaking and in our acting for the purpose of projecting Jesus.  In the process of that we benefit as well through peace and joy, but more importantly than ourselves we offer peace and joy to those who need to feel peace and joy.

We read Scripture to find peace and hope in our lives, to find meaning, to understand better how God is with us…but we dare not fail to read searching for our own correction. 

It is alone where no one knows but us and God where we ask God to show us how our own selfishness very often defines our words and actions, where we ask God to show us how our pride stops us from being honest sometimes, alone where we ask God to show us how we deceive ourselves by not noticing how our words and actions reflect our own ideas or agendas, our wants and felt needs.

Read Scripture asking God to peel back our layers, uncover our sin,  convict us, and reveal himself to us as the God of love, hope, and peace.  It is refreshing and liberating to be corrected by Jesus…it gives us a new perspective and frees us to seek first the Kingdom of God with a God given vision, not a self-centered one.



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